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Millennial Girl is a platform for busy women who want to look good and feel empowered by the outfits they wear.

Nothing boosts self-confidence better than a becoming garment.
— Diana Athill

AW 17

Current outfit inspiration - still or Sparkling?

Crisp mornings and warm afternoons are my favorite as I get to layer some of my beloved pieces and slowly peel them off like the layers of an onion as the afternoon sun sets on my window or softly hugs me with its warm rays while I enjoy a cup of coffee outside. This season is fun, with feathers, sparkles (think crystals and sequins), and my favorite color – red. It will be like a long, amazing holiday – think Saint Laurent or Isabel Marant sparkling sweaters, slouchy boots in buttery leather and rich hues, silky smooth camisoles and Prince of Wales print. Add some pink feathers for fun at night (or even during the day to spice up a boring afternoon) and we’re all set to strut into winter in a very fashionable and fun way! 

wool and leather.JPG

When the crisp mornings start appearing, I love taking out my old favourites: Isabel Marant wool sweaters, Equipment cashmere pulls, Saint Laurent suede ankle boots and lots and lots of lace camisoles. I also love earthy tones of brown, beige and burnt orange combined with purple hues or deep green. 

October 2017

It’s difficult to put outfits together when one day we’re waking up to snow and the next we’re back to 19 degrees (Celsius), but here we go: mixing not only patterns but materials so if we’re cold one minute and very warm the next, we can peel off the onion that’s our look this season. For the above said layers I prefer mixing silk and cashmere or cashmere and lace for that French "je ne sais quoi".

lace and cashmere